DevOps on AWS: Best Practices for Enterprise IT Teams


What tools empower IT teams to put DevOps philosophy into action?

Seventy percent (70%) of senior IT leaders believe they need to implement a DevOps approach. But many IT teams are still stuck in old processes -- and may even be hampered by one-size-fits-all cloud solutions that no longer have the scale and performance they require.

Read this white paper to discover:

  • Where your company is on the ArchOps/DevOps spectrum
  • How to use CloudFormation and Puppet to create auto-scaling, self-healing environments
  • The best AWS and 3rd party tools for configuration management and deployment automation

To understand the true meaning of DevOps, why AWS is the best platform for your team and discover the set of activities you should automate, read our DevOps on AWS: Best Practices for Enterprise IT Teams white paper or contact us to help you manage a highly available, flexible infrastructure that drives business growth.

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